Putting You in Control (of Controls)

Hello, everyone!

This update brings a number of improvements, many of which are based on your feedback:

  • Crouching
  • Rebind keys in the settings, to customize controls
  • Optionally show a reticle at the center of the screen
  • Rotate objects
  • New "Formula" option
  • Some bugfixes...

Keyboard Settings

In the keyboard settings you can change the key bindings of the game's controls: This is especially useful, if you are playing with a keyboard layout that's not QWERTY/QWERTZ!

To change a key, simply click on the existing  entry and press whatever key/button you want to assign to that control!

(Use the ESC to abort key assignment.)

Please note: You can assign each key/button only once. When assigning one that's already in use, the old assignment will be cleared. Also, you can change the assignments of Use and Carry (Hold), which are assigned to left and right mouse buttons, by default. However, the ingame HUD does not reflect any changes to these controls, currently!

Rotate Objects

When holding an object, you can now rotate it by pressing R (by default) and moving the mouse. This can be very helpful when arranging objects!


In the sandbox mode and the custom difficulty settings you will now find a new option titled Formula. This option allows you to change how the player's shrinking progresses over time. There are currently four different formulas/curves you can chose from:

  • Standard (Default)
  • Linear
  • Intervals
  • Wibbly Wobbly

Thank you!

We hope you enjoy the updates and want to thank you all for your continuous support and positive feedback!

Also, we're absolutely blown away itch.io chose to feature our game – thank you so much!


Windows, 64bit 53 MB
May 21, 2018
Windows, 32bit 51 MB
May 21, 2018
macOS 57 MB
May 21, 2018
Linux 62 MB
May 21, 2018

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This game is awesome! I'd absolutely love to see this in vr or multiplayer. The game has tons of replayability value!


Thanks For The Update

Can't Wait For More :)