New Look, Sounds and Sandbox Mode!

Hi, everyone!

This release comes with some polishing and many small improvements:

  • Sandbox Mode
  • Many new sound effects
  • Animations when processing ingredients
  • Some more props (i.e. cups, pens, boots)
  • Height Score category "Fastest"
  • Other small changes and bugfixes

Sandbox Mode

This version adds the option to start the game in "Sanbox Mode": In this mode there is no win or lose state, which allows you to play around with the mechanics or just explore the lab, for fun!

Additionally, this game mode exposes a couple of internal variables, which can be accessed from the pause menu:

New Sound Effects

We have added over 70 new sound clips to the game , most notably for impact sounds, to improve the game's immersion:


We have added some alternative keyboard controls:

  • F - Use/Pick Up
  • Q, E - Turn Left/Right
  • X, C - Look Up/Down

When in Sandbox Mode, you can use the number keys as a shortcut to set Shrinking Progress to the values 10%, 20%, 30%, and so on.


We hope you have fun with the new version!

If you have any feedback or comments, feel free to drop us a line: We're always happy to read what you think! :)


Windows, 64bit 53 MB
Apr 21, 2018
Windows, 32bit 51 MB
Apr 21, 2018
macOS 57 MB
Apr 21, 2018
Linux 62 MB
Apr 21, 2018

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Excellent game

I just downloaded the  new version of Inch by Ibch and I have to say that i REALLY like the sabdbox mode.  I would like to offer a suggestion.  On the field where ther an arrow, it would be nice if when you click on the arrow, you can use the cursor key to fine tune the certain adjustmeny.  For example, under "Shrink speed" in Sandbox Mode, you have it set at 0.010%.   Pushing the rught button would increase it to 0.011%. 0.012, etc.  Optionally, thed up/down buttons could increase it by order of 5 (using  the example above, 0.010%, 0.0155, 0.020%, etc).