Bugfixes, small improvements

We have a new, small update!

Here's what's changed:

  • Bugfixes (i.e. some physics bugs)
  • Minor balancing updates
  • Advanced graphic settings
  • Counter HUD element

Advanced Graphic Settings

In the settings you will now find a button to open the "Advanced Graphic Settings", which allow you to tweak the  post-processing effects to your liking.

The  effect quality is now also tied to the overall quality setting: So when you play on low settings, the post-processing effects will reflect this –however, you can always go into the advanced setting and tweak the effects, still. That's very handy if you prefer to play without motion blur or want to turn off all the effects to squeeze some extra performance out of your computer!

Counter HUD

This is a small "quality of life" improvement: Whenever you find and pick up a new ingredient or formula, a counter will show up in the HUD to keep track of how many you have already found and how many there are in total: This way you always know, whether or not you need to keep searching for an ingredient or formula!

If you forgot and are unsure, you can also check the numbers in the top right corner of the pause menu, now.

Gameplay Video: How to win on "Professor" Difficulty

Here is a quick playthrough of the game on the highest difficulty setting – just to prove, that it's still absolutely possible to win the game, haha!

You can also play it quite a bit faster than that, too: Just check out the height score at the end of the video, if you need some motivation! :)

Thanks for playing!

We also want to thank everyone who has already donated to our little game: Thank you so much for your generosity, we really appreciate it! Your support and feedback is so motivating and pushes us to keep going and deliver the best we can! <3


Windows, 64bit 40 MB
Mar 23, 2018
Windows, 32bit 38 MB
Mar 23, 2018
macOS 44 MB
Mar 23, 2018
Linux 48 MB
Mar 23, 2018

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Hey there! Just wanted to say that the new settings you put in for graphics really helped a whole bunch! Turning everything to OFF helps me run my game smoothly. Another problem I suggest adjusting for anyone else reading this is to lower your window size for the game, as the big resolution I was running on caused some fps issues. Overall a pretty fun game that can get real hectic towards the final inches. Hope to see more in the future!