New: Height Score!


This week we have another small update with many minor changes and improvements, as well as our new...

Height Score

The Height Score keeps track of your game results and allows you to quickly compare different playthroughs. For Science!

You can separate score by difficulty and order it by...

  • Tallest
  • Smallest
  • History

Where "Tallest" functions as a classic high score table, giving you a top 10 of your best results. Choosing "History", on the other hand, will give you an overview of how your recent playthroughs went – a nice option to see how you have improved over time!

The bar graph at the top allows you to quickly compare results, visually: The reference scale will always be your best result for the chosen difficulty.


In the near future we will work on improving the game's performance, which has not yet been optimized for weaker(ish) computers: If you run into performance issues, currently, your best bet is to deactivate "Post FX" in the settings.

We also plan to allow for more detailed graphic settings, in the future, so you can tweak graphic quality to fit your personal specs and taste!

Pay What You Want

The game is now Pay What You Want, so if you have enjoyed the game and want to support us, feel free to leave us a tip! :)


Windows, 64bit 40 MB
Mar 18, 2018
Windows, 32bit 38 MB
Mar 18, 2018
macOS 44 MB
Mar 18, 2018
Linux 48 MB
Mar 18, 2018

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