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I took this literally and shrunk myself along with the game in my video. Brilliant game mechanic.
You guys made something smart and fun here.


Itch by Itch

So, what did I think of this game...I did really enjoy the mechanics. It's simple, and yet it's enjoyable to play over and over again. Never had any issues with the game, or bugs when I was playing through it!

Today we take on the role of scientist, where my height is NOT an issue! 


Inch By Inch sees you playing a scientest who is shrinking and must race against time to create an antidote to return to normal size. I played this game for my channel on Lab Intern difficulty.

I just made a video of Inch by Inch! The game is awesome, even though I got so mad in this video, its still very fun!


Just played your game on YouTube and it was AWESOME!  You guys took such a great idea and made a game that plays so well.  I hope y'all get the chance to do more with it and if it grows I hope to play more of it!!  Here's the video if you want to see it (If you don't that is perfectly fine!)


This was neat!

I reviewed this.

Click me to read the review.

I really enjoyed playing it!

Hope you dont mind me showing off your work


I tried to come in as blind as possible, and I had more fun than I expected, even once I started shrinking. I played before the update, so I'm glad that some of the minor user experience complaints I had are already fixed. I'm about to grab the new one, because I've kept playing this game. I went back to easy to get the hang of it, so now I'm working my way up to the highest difficulty. 

I love this game, and I've never seen anything quite like it before, making it exceptionally fun. I'd love to see expansions in the future. 

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for checking it out! :D

This game was super fun and such a creative and interesting idea. I really would love to see more from this like different levels with new tasks or just map changes. Keep up the awesome work!!

I dont get it, I couldnt find the clipboard for the code! :(

In the tutorial? You should find it in one of the drawers on the opposite side of the room - generally, always check all drawers and don't forget to look on the table tops (sometimes I miss the ones just lying around).


Love the game, concept is really cool. Really nicely done 

Why You Delete This Game From The Itch App On Linux

Hey, thanks for catching that - it should be fixed, now!

Something went wrong with the last upload, resetting some of itch's game configuration.


It's Fixed

This game was really fun!

(1 edit)


p.s on sandbox mode the puple potion was flying so fix that bug

Edit: I Finaly Got Myself A Mouse. I Am Happy About Myself

Thank you a lot! Do you mean you found it flying/hovering somewhere? Could you tell us where you found the potion so we can fix it? :)

So Here's The Story

So While I Was Playing Inch By Inch On The Itch App For Linux I Was Trying To Get This Potion In The Potion Mixter Thing

But I Was Using A Touch Pad So Then When I Let It Go It Started Flying

amazing little game will worth playing. I could see this game having a bunch more levels. 

Very cool! Love the premise and the ambitious use of scale as the time limit. It was a ton of fun to play, great color choices, simple and clean environment to navigate with intuitive interaction. Great job on this!


awesome game love the idea and puzzle style very cool and super fun cant wait for more!!

Such a cool game! I've always love games that deal with the aspect of scale: it's something not a lot of people touch on.

I also love how only the ingredients are colored versus the bright white room. That was a great aesthetic choice.

What did you use to make your models? Did you do it in blender? Maybe Maya? 

Glad you liked it! :)

All models have been created in the indie version of MODO!

Thanks! I've never heard of that software: I'll have to look into it.

Hope to see more stuff like this in the future! Especially if you consider doing longer stories or more complicated puzzles. 

I see Lucis was having fun with being tiny behind the desk *cough cough* Very neat idea btw, haven't seen it before

Don't give away my secret spot just now! :P But maybe you can find Marigs as well! ;D

Is that a challenge? >:D

Well done Dare Looks! This was a very creative unique game. The challenge that is provided as you continue to get smaller and objects get too heavy requires you to prepare in advance as you continue to try and make the keys. Because of that you start to get the hang of it after  a few plays and are able to better prepare yourself. I can definitely see this game going far the more you add. Can't wait to see what the future has in store!

This is my first play through, and it was a pleasant surprise:

When I launch the game, it crashes and it says, process exited with code 1.

Ah, sorry to hear that!

What are your system specs?

I keep having this problem where I get to the end, I have all key ingredients and they are in the antidote processor, but I cant take out the antidote. Also after I made the antidote I stop shrinking, and I'm just stuck wandering around the lab. Is this a glitch? Or am I stupid?

Oh! That'the game's win state: When you have collected the three key ingredients, the "You Won!" screen pops up and the game is over. Was the screen missing, for you?

Yes, it was like the game froze but I could still move around.


This was an extremely satisfying game! The concept was so simple yet the tasks were difficult and I love that it is completely randomized each time you play.  Do I dare play on the toughest difficulty or even..... custom settings!!! Great job! This is one of my favorites in a long time!


Ohhhhh this was so good! How did it take me so long to find this little gem?

The set-up is amazing, the humour is on point and the concept is a beauty! It's stressful, hilarious and challenging all at the same time. This is an absolute winner!

Keep up the awesome work! =)


Move over *insert famous scientist* .... I have the cure!

Awesome game! Clean and a ton of fun!

Can you add toggle for right click for compatibility with mouse pads

We are currently working on extensive control options/settings!

Until then you can try to use the F key, instead, which replaces both mouse buttons, but is kind of tricky, sometimes


This is one of those games that you just HAVE to play more than once. Great concept and well executed. 


this was a totally new idea and a ton of fun! I failed miserably and ended my sad little life in a boot but it was a life well lived.


Hey I recorded a quick video if you'd like to check it out!


Such a good game I seriously loved this! Keep up the great work!


This game literally SCREAMS VR, sad it may never see enough of an audience to warrant it


AMAZING, had to play it like 4 times ;D Would really like a v2.0 of this game!

I really want to play this game but I cant! I cant hold with right click an put in with left on a trackpad, or can I? Was trying for ages lol

Ha, oh, sorry about that!

Here's something you can try: The F key can be used instead of either of the mouse buttons (use and toggle picking up objects): This is still kind of experimental, but maybe it works for you!


I love this game! High quality with no performance issues. I would be awesome to see an expansion of this concept.

Thanks for checking it out! We're glad you liked it! :D

need optimization.... i have an i5 6ta and 1060... but is very lag.. 3 -8 fps

Mh, doesn't sound too different from my setup – have you tried customizing the graphics settings?

Turning the post-processing effects down or off entirely usually helps a lot, in case of low FPS.

DX its no work.... XD.. But I can wait xD

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