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You play a shrinking scientist in a race against time: Can you find all necessary formulas and ingredients to produce the antidote and stop shrinking, before you are too small to operate the life-saving lab equipment?

Processing ingredients takes valuable time – time you should use to search for missing components or rearrange the lab for when you may be too small to reach the machine you need!


Search for the formulas and ingredients you need to produce the three key components of the antidote!

Each formula corresponds to one of the machines in the lab. They produce new ingredients, which may be used in other formulas or are one of the three key ingredients you are looking for.

To win, collect all three key ingredients and place them inside the antidote processor.

When you shrink too small the game is over!


  • W, A, S, D – Move
  • Space – Jump
  • Shift – Run
  • LMB – Use
  • RMB – Hold down to pick up items


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But fun!


I must say that I love this game. Battle against time and your own height is a very clever and innovative mechanic.

I have some ideas that I would like to see in game:

-crouch button - sometimes it's hard to see what's inside bottom cabinets at start of game when you're still big

-sandbox mode - with ability to change your height at will with +/- buttons and maybe fly button to experiment with laboratory and possibilities at lab at different sizes

-growth problem - basically mirrored version of main mode when you start as short person that starts to grow and must create antidote before growing too big

-machine creating random potions each 30 seconds for custom mode with effects being like: faster/slower movement, higher/lower jump, slower/quicker shrinking, rentgen vision (to see where potions are hidden), blurry (drunk) vision etc.

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Add custom mode!


There already is a Custom difficulty option in the game settings, which allows you to tweak a couple of the game's parameters!

Are there any other customization options you would like to see in the game?


Really enjoyed the game! It's honestly really well optimized too (coming from a couple games that weren't it was nice to see)! The shrinking mechanic is really well done and I love that you can actually gradually see yourself shrink! I only had 2 problems and that was I thought it was a little annoying that even when I hit under 2 feet, I can't open drawers, even thought one is still eye level and the other is still shorter than me. The other problem is that even after you wind up getting too small to really do anything I just wanted to see what would happened when I became too small and lost, but I think the shrinking slowed down a lot sometime  after I was under on foot and with how fast it was going by then it looked like it would have taken forever for that to happen, so maybe the slow down either shouldn't be there and you just continue to shrink at the same rate, or I think a speed up after you can't really do anything else, like at around 8 inches left maybe, and then suddenly you start shrink to micro level and cease to exist would be a fun way to lose. Anyways, really good job on the game! Hope you enjoy my video! 

Hello there!

Thank you that you took your time to make a LetsPlay of our game and to give us much valuable feedback! (Seriously, LetsPlays are some of the best feedback sources because you can actually see first hand which kind of difficulties players are encoutnering when they first play it) 
I think one "trick" many people overlook is building bridges and stairs quite early in the game, or at least throwing and moving a lot of stuff off the shelves, so you have lots of things to climb on when you get short. We're glad you liked it :)

I really like this game! I just won for the first time, and I feel very accomplished. If there was one change I would like to see instantiated in the game, it would be to change the difficulty factor. For people who want to just run through the game at a not very fast pace, could you create a much easier difficulty. Great concept and amazing game! : )

Hi, glad you like the game! :D

From the main menu, under Settings, you can choose the Custom difficulty option and change the settings to something a lot more relaxed (less steps, low shrink rate) and when you hit a game over you can always choose to continue playing, to explore the lab! Hope this helps! :)


pretty nice game so far, even thought it would be funnier if there was another person in the room.
also what i noticed, you for example, can't run under the chair if you're only 1cm tall.


I love this game. And I try to win every difficult grade. But since I am bad at winning I started building a ford when I realize I can't win this game anymore. Hope they'll find me on monday. I also love that the ingridients spawn randomly. Its so much fun every time. This is a great concept. PS: I found the easter egg. :D Thank you Marig

Haha, awesome! :D
Glad you like it and thanks for playing!


Really col puzzles! Loved the "little" stuff (hehe) like having a harder time moving objects when you began to shrink! 

Sweet! Thanks for checking it out! :)

very difficult game but really great ! 


This game is totally awesome! I'm having loads of fun playing it. I'm glad the ingredients are randomly generated so I can play it many times. Looking forward to future content. I'm a big (or rather increasingly tiny!) fan! :)


A unique idea executed pretty well! Perfect example of what can be accomplished in a game jam. I feel like the early part of the game is the most crucial time, and if you don't make enough progress it quickly stacks up against you. Interesting difficulty curve, but it made sense. I was also quite surprised upon looking up the rest of the jam entries, haha. You definitely win for most subtle!


Hey, thank you a lot for your Lets Play and for sharing your thoughts and experiences! We didnt really want to make a sexual game but rather a game with solid mechanics and gameplay which can be enjoyed by everyone just as a game if they want to!

Talking about the difficulty - there is an update we will get out soon which will bring lots of improvements and new things, including difficulty settings as well! :)


Awesome dude! Good luck with it!


I loved this game. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out what chemicals go where and how to mix them together while racing against the clock. It was great to play!


I think this is a fun game and, a great concept. I believe it might be quite hard maybe even too hard. Unless you are one of those quick thinker fast problem solvers. You have to figure out how to make the other antidotes (keys) which I thought was cool.  I felt that once you dropped below a certain height by only just a little bit you couldn't solve for the keys and, it was game over long before it was actually game over.

Thanks for checking it out! :D

The game requires quite some multitasking; while you wait for the machines to finish, you can continue to look around for formulas/ingredients as well as prepare for later stages by building stairs from the random objects in the lab: Without that step there is no way to win, once you are too small to reach the workspaces and have no way to climb up!

The next version will feature customizable difficulty settings, too, so it's easier to get the hang of it and reduce some of the time pressure!


All around great game and surprisingly challenging!

I know it would be a lot more technically challenging, but I'd rather see some rudimentary climbing ledge grab / pull up mechanic than the floaty jumping. By the end when you're about a foot tall you can still jump like a foot in the air and it feels really floaty, but I know that's because it would be impossible to cross the chair islands you set up ahead of time without some forgiving jump room. A good example is that if you continue after reaching minimum size, the sink walls tower over you, but you can hop out no problem. I also found it sometimes difficult to select the right drawer for pulling out between middle and bottom before I got really small - no crouch button to  lower perspective.

Would love to see the idea developed more. It'd be particularly neat if winning involved hopping into the completed solution beaker like a bath.

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Really Funny and cool although difficult, this game took me multiple tries, but that might just be because I’m dumb


We're glad you liked the game - And don't worry: you're not dumb, it just takes a few tries to develop a plan of which steps to do and to get through them as quickly as possible! :) Thank you for covering it!


This is absolutely fantastic , and a jam game no less. Though I couldn't bring myself to finish out of frustration, I can see that this is an awesome puzzle game. It's frantic, fast paced and still requires a lot of patience and focus. Well done!

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Thank you so much for covering our game - we are happy that you liked it and we could get a lot of feedback for what to improve from it! Also, you were sooo close to finish it! :) The next build will also inlcude custom difficulty settings.


This was one of the best puzzle games i have played in a long time thank you for making my day.


Thank you a lot :) We are really happy that we can deliver an experience you guys enjoy and we will continue working on it!

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This game has the most potential of anything I have seen recently.  (More edits) Looks like the update lets you set your own pace.  Some great presets for suggested challenge.  Love it!

Editing my list of things I would love to see away since creators have provided a lot of it!  (They're doing amazing for a grey-box game)

Credit goes to the creator for keeping it so focused on gameplay with good jumping and puzzle system.  I can't wait for this to be expanded in some way.  All the pieces in place are amazing and hats off.  So much potential.  I'll be following this very closely.


Heyho, glad you're enjoying the game and thanks a lot for the detailed Feedback! :D

We hope to polish, finish and eventually expand the game, but can't make any concrete promises, just yet – but those are definitely good ideas and suggestions!

Deleted post

Hey! I checked out Inch by Inch! It was a really fun puzzle game! I loved the fact that I actually got smaller and couldn't reach some places and had to stack some things onto eachother. I had a lot of fun playing the game, to bad it's short and I wished there should be multiple levels or harder levels. It's up to you.

Overall I enjoyed playing the game and goodluck to your future games. :)

I hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :3


Hey, thank you a lot for the feedback - we are so glad to hear that you had fun playing it :) Multiple levels could definitely be an option but for now we are thinking about difficulty settings, which includes the amount of ingredients and formulas you need to find and the speed of shrinking.

Its so awesome to watch someone else play our game that we created!

Good luck on that! Best of luck :)